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  • STEM+ Teaching Essentials
    The STEM+ Teaching Essentials workshop series is focused on helping current, new, and future STEM faculty and academic staff (including post-docs and graduate students) develop their instructional practices. MSU faculty lead these lunchtime workshops that explore essential topics in teaching and learning. The series is sponsored by the APUE Please click here to be added […]
  • MSU STEM+ Meet and Greet This Friday (Sept. 23rd)
    Come join your STEM+ colleagues from across campus for a slice of pie, a cup of coffee or tea, and an informal discussion about STEM+ education and education research at MSU.  When: 3-5 pm, Friday, September 23rd Location: 2130 STEM Building In addition to refreshments we are hoping you will fill out one of our […]
  • Equitable Pedagogy Learning Community
    For many instructors, COVID revealed unintentional barriers to learning in the classroom. Perhaps it was inflexible attendance policies, or grading policies that focused on behavior and concealed true learning, or hidden curriculum that privileged students who were willing to ask for more time / credit / help over students too embarrassed to do so.   The […]
  • STEM+ Ed@State Fall 2022 Offerings
    Dear Dear STEM+ Teaching, Ed Researcher & STEAM Enthusiast Colleagues, Welcome to the Fall Semester! Hopefully, you had some time to refresh over the summer. There are many new opportunities that have been added to our fall line-up to connect you to the larger community of STEM+ faculty and education researchers across campus. We look forward to learning with […]
  • STEM ED – 3D Learning
    3-Dimensional Learning Three-dimensional learning (3DL) in STEM education is a model described in the National Research Council’s Framework for K-12 Science Education, a recent document outlining a research-based approach toward facilitating a coherent, in-depth understanding of the sciences for K-12 students. 3DL posits that teaching and learning of a scientific discipline should involve three features: disciplinary […]

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