STEM Building

The newly renovated MSU power plant is now the STEM Teaching and Learning Facility. The facility has four main goals:

  1. To increase interdisciplinary connections within STEM and across other disciplines,
  2. To provide experiential learning opportunities in STEM,
  3. To increase the inclusivity in STEM learning environments, and
  4. To improve student preparation for entering or continuing in STEM fields.

For a history of the building, you can find more in this article on the STEM Facility in MSU Today.

Reserve Space

Priority will be given to those who can align the event or activity with one or more of the four goals identified above. If you are interested in reserving space in the building, please fill out this STEM Teaching & Learning Facility Space Request form. See below for specifics about how to reserve space for courses or events.

A. Course Review Schedule: MSU plans courses up to a year and a half in advance. Units should submit the STEM Teaching & Learning Facility Space Request form PRIOR TO completing Work Copy. Space can be reserved for courses in the STEM Teaching & Learning Facility for up to two years.

B. Non-Course Events Review Schedule: In addition to the STEM Teaching & Learning Facility Space Request form, be sure to complete a 25 Live request for formal classroom spaces if you already have a space in mind. Please also read MSU events planning guidelines. Requests for non-course events will be reviewed three times each year although requests can be submitted at any time. Requests submitted by the following deadlines will have priority:

  • Review for SPRING (Jan through early May) August 1.
  • Review for SUMMER (early May through mid August) usage will begin January 1.
  • Review for FALL (mid August through Dec) usage will begin April 1.


Contact Sheena Ballbach at for general questions about the building.

Contact Evelyn Uithoven at for questions related to environmental safety in the building.

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