STEM+ Ed@State Fall 2022 Offerings

Dear Dear STEM+ Teaching, Ed Researcher & STEAM Enthusiast Colleagues,

Welcome to the Fall Semester! Hopefully, you had some time to refresh over the summer. There are many new opportunities that have been added to our fall line-up to connect you to the larger community of STEM+ faculty and education researchers across campus. We look forward to learning with you over the semester.

STEM+ Meet and Greet
Come join your STEM+ colleagues from across campus for a slice of pie, a cup of coffee or tea, and an informal discussion about STEM+ education and education research at MSU. 

When: 3-5 pm, Friday, September 23rd
Location: 2130 STEM Building

In addition to refreshments, we are hoping you will fill out one of our portable whiteboards (either using print outs, or drawn hastily with a dry erase marker) with what you have been working on over the last year (e.g. new curriculum, pedagogy, positive outcomes from your teaching, current challenges, or examples from your educational research). We then hope to have a gallery walk for people to get a sense of what is being done on campus and meet others who might be interested in similar topics as you.

STEM+ Teaching Essentials
These workshop-oriented sessions provide lunch and an exploration of teaching challenges and opportunities. This year we will be meeting the first Wednesday of the month from 12-1:30pm in the STEM Building Generator Room (2110).

Description of sessions and registration is on the STEM+ Teaching Essentials site. This semester, we will have sessions on reaching out to students, telling stories in the classroom, and using models to help students understand science.Please click here to be added to the STEM Teaching Essentials email list.

STEM+ Education Research Lunches
Whether you are engaged in Disciplinary Based Education Research, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, other STEM+ education related research, or thinking about how to better evaluate learning in your course, this may be the group for you! Each month this group will meet to review work by members of the community, critique possible approaches, and brainstorm for new collaborative research and funding opportunities. We will meet 12-1:30pm in the STEM Building Generator Room (2110), second Weds. of the month. Registration is on the STEM+ Education Research site.

STEAMpower Project Dialogues
A collaborative that discusses and supports work and exploration at the intersection of art, science, and/or culture. Each month those interested in work at these intersections of will meet over lunch to discuss their work, opportunities to support and build collaborations, and ways to connect faculty, staff, and students working in these liminal spaces. We will meet 12-1:30pm in the STEM Building Generator Room (2110), third Weds. of the month. You can sign up for each month’s lunch on the 
STEAMpower Project website.

Free Food & Fellowship
Come join colleagues to reflect and talk about your teaching over lunch. These Friday sessions will provide food, a discussion prompt, and a facilitator. These sessions will alternate each week between early career educators and those who are mid-career or senior faculty and academic staff. We will explore a variety of teaching topics including assessment, large-scale classes, etc. in discussion rather than workshop format. Come build your teaching community over lunch and meet new colleagues or reconnect to old ones both within and outside your discipline. Sessions start September 16th:First and third Fridays of the month will be for early-career educators;Second and fourth Fridays of the month will be for mid-career and senior faculty and academic staff.During these Fridays, from 12-1:30pm we will be in the STEM Building Generator Room (rm 2110). No registration required.
Storytelling Workshop (limited attendance)
Story Collider is coming to MSU! Story Collider is a national storytelling organization that has helped scientists and science communicators build their story telling skills. They have worked with such organizations as The World Health Organization, American Wildlife Society, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Math for America, American Chemical Society, and the American Ornithological Society.They have recently created a workshop specifically designed for educators and storytelling in the classroom and will be offering an all day workshop on storytelling October 21st. There are only 4 seats per STEM undergraduate college (Engineering, CANR, NatSci, Lyman Briggs, and Nursing) and another 4 seats for those in a STEM+ adjacent unit (e.g. those who study STEM in art, philosophy, social sciences, policy, etc.), so check your availability and apply for a spot in the Storytelling Workshop. You will be contacted if you receive a seat. The all day workshop will be Friday, October 21st. from 9-4pm. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. Please only apply if you can make the full day of the workshop.

What do we mean by STEM+? Many fields engage with topics of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics; these fields may be housed in separate disciplines (e.g. natural science, art, social science, engineering, medicine, philosophy, etc.). All instructors who are in STEM+ or STEM+ adjacent fields are welcome to come and explore STEM+ education with
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