STEM+ Education @ State

Welcome to STEM Education at State! This site is meant to connect the various communities spread across campus that are interested in science, technology, engineering, mathematics or the intersection of these disciplines with each other and/or other disciplines, such as arts, humanities, social sciences, and others. Explore the links above to see how teaching and learning about and around STEM happens at Michigan State University.

This year we have four main communities we are building. We invite all members of the community (faculty, staff, postdocs, graduate students, etc.) to participate.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd WEDNESDAYS: STEM+ Teaching Essentials, STEM+ Education Research Luncheon, STEAMpower Dialogues. Food provided and registration required (see below).

Every FRIDAY: Free Food & Fellowship. Food provided to all attendees without registration. Description below.

Location: We will meet in the Generator room of the STEM Building (room 2110).

  • STEM+ Teaching Essentials – a workshop-oriented session that provides lunch and an exploration of teaching issues. 12-1:30pm in the STEM Building Generator Room (2110), first Weds. of the month. Description of sessions and registration is on the STEM+ Teaching Essentials site.
  • STEM+ Education Research Luncheon – bringing together people working on STEM+ education research to share current work, explore collaborations, and discuss national/international trends over lunch. 12-1:30pm in the STEM Building Generator Room (2110), second Weds. of the month. Registration is on the STEM+ Education Research Luncheon site.
  • STEAMpower Project Dialogues – A collaborative that discusses and supports work and exploration at the intersection of art, science, and/or culture. 12-1:30pm in the STEM Building Generator Room (2110), third Weds. of the month. Be sure to register on this page to participate in the lunches.
  • Free Food & Fellowship – We have two more sessions this semester (Friday, Dec. 2nd and 9th). Come join colleagues to reflect and talk about your teaching over lunch. These drop-in sessions provide food, a discussion prompt, and a facilitator…but we will follow the discussion wherever it goes. Come build your teaching community over lunch and meet new colleagues or reconnect to old ones both within and outside your discipline. No registration needed. Just come to the Generator, room 2110, in the STEM Building from noon to 1pm.

What do we mean by STEM+? Many fields engage with topics of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics; these fields may be housed in separate disciplines (e.g. natural science, art, social science, engineering, medicine, philosophy, etc.). All instructors who are in STEM+ or STEM+ adjacent fields are welcome to come and explore STEM+ education with us.